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December 1:  Lord, we lift India to You in prayer. Stem the rising tide of Hindu nationalism and protect those at risk simply because of their faith. Move powerfully in India and spread peace and justice for all its citizens.

December 2:  India is one of the most diverse countries in the world. Despite guarantees in its constitution protecting freedom of religion or belief, Christians are still attacked by Hindu nationalists. Pray for Christians facing this rising threat.

December 3:  Since the election of Prime Minister Modi in 2014, an increase in Hindu nationalism has led to increased religiously-motivated violence against Christians that often goes unpunished. Pray God gives courage and strength.

December 4:  On Palm Sunday, Christian gatherings in six states in India came under attack. Services and prayer meetings were interrupted and pastors were arrested. Pray for protection of churches in India.

December 5:  Please pray for Pastor Anjoman Abraham, whose home in India was surrounded by a Hindu nationalist mob in May, which threatened to destroy his church. Pray for protection for him and his family.

December 6:  Pray for the safety of Pastor Jacob Joseph in India, whose church was attacked by a mob during a Sunday service. Later that day a mob attacked the pastor’s home while he was hosting church members.

December 7:  Pray God grants protection and wisdom to John Dayal, one of India’s most prominent voices supporting human rights, especially the rights of religious minorities.

December 8:  Please pray for Dr. K.A. Swami. He was harassed by Hindu fundamentalist groups in India for sharing the New Testament and interrogated by police for an entire day. He suffered severe injuries and was put on a ventilator. Pray for his recovery.

December 9:  In April, members of the Hindu Yuva Vahini (Hindu Youth Army) attacked a church in India during their prayer meeting. Pray for the congregation’s emotional healing from this traumatic experience.

December 10:  Almost a decade ago, Hindu fundamentalists led a campaign of violence against Christians in Kandhamal district, Odisha State, India, that killed over 90 people, forced thousands to flee and destroyed many homes and churches. Pray for justice and healing.

December 11:  Vague anti-conversion laws in India are used to punish Christians, and there is a climate of increasing danger for human rights defenders. Pray these laws would be repealed or amended soon.

December 12:  Pray for the many victims of violence in India who are still waiting for justice. There is concern for civil society activists working on these cases who are experiencing increased harassment and intimidation.

December 13:  Please pray for comfort and strength for families of victims of communal violence in India waiting for justice. Pray the Holy Spirit changes the hearts and minds of extremist groups targeting vulnerable Christian communities.

December 14:  Dear Lord, we bring the nation of India to You in prayer. Give peace to survivors of religiously-motivated attacks where the perpetrators have not been prosecuted. Comfort the survivors and deliver justice.

December 15:  Lord, as we remember the peace that You brought at Christmas, we pray for those for whom this Christmas will be far from peaceful. Watch over their celebrations and dwell among them as they gather.

December 16:  Please pray for congregations of forcibly closed churches to find safe places to celebrate Christmas in peace. Pray Christmas services are allowed to take place peacefully.

December 17:  Pray for Christians facing harassment from local authorities during the Christmas season. Peace on Earth is a distant promise for Christians in many parts of the world.

December 18:  Christians worldwide are preparing to celebrate the birth of Jesus. But tragically, in some places, this season of joy could entail harassment, brutal attacks and even death. Please pray for the safety of persecuted Christians.

December 19:  Almighty God, as we prepare to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, we pray for those who are unable to worship and celebrate in safety.  Be close to them and protect them from all evil.

December 20:  Pray for vulnerable Christian communities around the world facing threats of attack, violence and imprisonment at this time of year. Pray for Christians unable to openly celebrate Christmas for fear of persecution.

December 21:  Bethlehem, the birth place of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, is encircled by the Israeli Separation Wall.  Please pray for peace in this ancient city where the Prince of Peace came to bring salvation to the world.

December 22:  Pray for peace in areas of war as Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus, the Prince of Peace. Pray any plans for terrorist attacks on Christmas church services would be thwarted.

December 23:  As you celebrate the birth of Christ, please pray for Christians who are particularly vulnerable at Christmas. Violent groups time their attacks on local Christian communities to coincide with Christmas celebrations.

December 24:  Pray for Christmas celebrations to take place peacefully with no arrests or violence. Ask God to protect Christians from being accused of "illegal evangelism" for inviting people of other faiths to Christmas celebrations.

December 25:  Lord, we thank You for the gift of Your son, Jesus. As families gather all over the world to celebrate, please comfort and encourage those who must celebrate alone or in secret. Watch over them and keep them safe.

December 26:  Pray for Christians in vulnerable communities worldwide to be a beacon of hope during the Christmas season. May they express God’s message of peace, love and salvation.

December 27:  Tensions between different religions can lead to conflicts, especially in the Christmas season.  Pray for understanding and peace between different religious communities.

December 28:  Thank God for His guidance and blessing upon CSW in 2017. Please pray for CSW’s leadership team and board members in 2018. Ask God to equip them with vision, wisdom and discernment.

December 29:  Praise God for CSW’s contacts and partner organizations in our countries of focus. Please pray for God’s protection over them in the coming new year as they support Christians facing persecution.

December 30:  Pray for CSW's Strategic Leadership Team, a group which makes decisions on strategy and operations. Pray God gives wisdom to lead them through all the challenges and opportunities in 2018.

December 31:  Almighty God, we praise You for all the ways You have used CSW throughout 2017. We ask for guidance to advance Your work for the Persecuted Church. Your will be done throughout 2018.