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JUNE 2018

June 1:  Please pray for the nation of Vietnam. CSW receives many reports of harassment and intimidation against Christians in Vietnam. Pray for human rights defenders targeted for promoting the right to freedom of religion or belief.

June 2:  Pray for Christians in Vietnam experiencing violations of religious freedom, including forced eviction, intrusive surveillance, disruption of religious services, confiscation of Bibles, arrest, imprisonment, torture and killing.

June 3:  Christians in Vietnam from indigenous people groups suffer a double discrimination as both religious and ethnic minorities. Pray for religious freedom for all.

June 4:  In 2017, CSW joined several other religious freedom groups in calling for the release of at least 165 prisoners of conscience in Vietnam. Pray these prisoners are released and the charges against them dropped.

June 5:  Dear God, we pray for justice in Vietnam. Watch over human rights defenders and give them bravery and perseverance. Release those imprisoned for their work so they can continue fighting for justice in Vietnam.

June 6:  Pray for Pastor Nguyen Trung Ton who was recently sentenced to 12 years in prison. He advocated for religious freedom and spoke out against social injustices in Vietnam. Local authorities violently attacked him, his family and their church members repeatedly.

June 7:  Pray for Vietnamese human rights lawyer Nguyen Van Dai who was arrested in 2015 and recently sentenced to 15 years in prison and five years under house arrest.This unjust, lengthy sentence is a grim reflection of the deteriorating human rights situation in Vietnam.

June 8:  Human rights lawyer Nguyen Van Dai’s colleague, Le Thu Ha, was arrested at the same time as him and held for over two years without a trial. Like Mr. Dai, we don’t know what conditions she is being kept in or the state of her health. Pray for her safety, health, and for charges against her to be dropped.

June 9:  Pray for Pastor Nguyen Cong Chinh, an advocate for freedom of religion or belief in Vietnam, who is currently serving an 11-year prison sentence. He was tried in 2010 without legal representation and convicted of "undermining national unity policy."

June 10:  Vietnamese Pastor A Dao was sentenced to five years in prison for "illegally taking people to Thailand." When his wife and church members tried to visit him, prison authorities refused. Pray Pastor A Dao is allowed visitors and for his release from prison.

June 11:  Please pray for the release of Pastor A Dao, arrested in 2016. No one has been allowed to visit him in prison, and his church, the Evangelical Church of Christ, is harassed by Vietnamese government officials.

June 12:  One of the most difficult problems for churches in Vietnam is the "asking and granting mechanism,” a law that makes churches ask permission from the government to hold religious activities. Pray this law is repealed.

June 13:  The Communist authorities in Vietnam are extremely hostile to Christians, whom they perceive as a threat to national security.  Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ facing severe isolation and intense pressure to renounce their faith.

June 14:  Pray for local police officers in Vietnam who are pressured to limit the growth of Christianity in their area. Pray for justice and religious freedom in all cities and villages across Vietnam.

June 15:  Tens of millions of people worldwide are currently refugees because of conflict, violence and persecution. Violations of religious freedom are key reasons why people are forced to leave their countries. Pray for fair treatment of all refugees in the resettlement process.

June 16:  As we observe the upcoming World Refugee Day, the world is witnessing unprecedented numbers of refugees, many of whom are fleeing severe religious freedom violations. Ask God to give them the sanctuary and refuge they’re seeking.

June 17:  Please pray for the 65 million refugees around the world. Their journeys are often long and dangerous and their futures uncertain. Dear God, protect them on their journeys, and help them reach safety.

June 18:  Much of CSW’s work on the refugee crisis happens at the highest levels of the UN, thanks to our dedicated UN team. Please pray that God would grant them wisdom and bless their efforts.

June 19:  Lord, we lift up those who've had to flee their homes. You know the plight of the refugee intimately. Provide them with safe journeys and a destination where they can rest.

June 20: Today is World Refugee Day. Pray for strength, courage and perseverance for millions of refugees forced to flee their homes out of fear of persecution. Pray God moves powerfully in their home countries so they can return in peace.

June 21:  Pray world governments would take a leading role in effectively tackling the root causes of the refugee crisis. Instability leads to extremism, war lords, terrorist groups and then to mass migration.

June 22:  Dear God, we pray for the nation of Nigeria. We ask for Your mercy and grace upon the persecuted Church in Nigeria. Bring justice and peace to those in turmoil and provision for those in need.

June 23:  Pray for God’s protection over Christians living in remote areas in northern and central Nigeria. They are incredibly vulnerable and receive insufficient protection from state governments, which often condone and may even facilitate the violence.

June 24:  There are growing restrictions on press freedom in Nigeria. Journalists deemed critical of the government are threatened and attacked, and Christian journalists face detention on excessive charges. Pray for the government to respect press freedom and to end its harassment of Christian journalists.

June 25:  Pray for our partner organization, CSW-Nigeria, run by Rev. Yunusa Nmadu. He was recently elected General Secretary of the Evangelical Church Winning All denomination, one of the largest denominations in northern Nigeria. Pray for Rev. Yunusa as he takes on this demanding new role.

June 26:  Pray for God's blessing on CSW-Nigeria. It is doing vital work in extremely challenging conditions. Please pray God would protect them and provide for them richly.

June 27:  Pray God moves powerfully in Nigeria to bring peace and stability amid attacks by Fulani militia and Boko Haram and a rise in kidnappings. Pray God preserves and protects His Church in Nigeria to be a light in the darkness.

June 28:  Pray for Nehemiah Camp in Nigeria. Pastor Gideon runs Nehemiah Camp, a place for people displaced by militia attacks in southern Kaduna. Pray for Pastor Gideon to have wisdom as he continues to care for those who have lost so much.

June 29:  Nehemiah Camp in Nigeria cares for over 400 people driven from their homes by the violence of Fulani militia seeking to take their land and burn their villages. Pastor Gideon runs Nehemiah Camp without any government support. Pray God provides abundantly for his work.

June 30:  Pray a long-lasting peaceful solution to the problems in Nigeria will be found. Pray God would assist the security services to uncover terrorist networks and to prevent attacks from happening.