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MAY 2018

May 1:  Dear God, bring peace to the nation of Colombia. We pray for the Colombian government to end the violence and stop those who seek to harm Christians.

May 2: Please pray that persecuted Christians in Colombia would have courage to speak up about their experiences so the truth can be known. Pray for brave, faithful Christians who have lost everything but still have hearts of praise.

May 3:  Praise God for equipping CSW's Colombian partners to document human rights violations. Pray Colombian authorities have open hearts to this advocacy and courage to take urgent action against persecution.

May 4:  Pray for the staff of CSW’s partner organizations in Colombia to have strength to deal with the traumatic stories they hear every day.  Dear Lord, give them wisdom so they can be a comfort and strength to the suffering.

May 5:  Colombia is one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a church leader. Dozens of church leaders are assassinated each year for their faith. Please pray for safety and peace for them and their families.

May 6:  Please pray for safety of Christians at risk of persecution in Colombia. Lord, comfort the families of assassinated Colombian pastors and strengthen widows raising their families alone.

May 7:  Pray for justice to be served for the victims of the long-running conflict in Colombia. Pray God protects churches and pastors from persecution and comforts those already subjected to violence and intimidation.

May 8:  Dear God, protect church leaders in Colombia who have received death threats because of their pastoral care for victims of human rights violations.

May 9:  Lord, we pray for Your power and peace to be with our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ in Colombia. Walk hand-in-hand with them and change the hearts of their persecutors with Your love.

May 10:  Almighty God, give strength to Your persecuted children in Colombia and help them stand against intimidation and/or torture. Empower them to have a spirit of forgiveness for their persecutors.

May 11:  Please pray for Christians who've lost loved ones to violence in Colombia. May they be able to forgive the attackers and find comfort in God. Pray for peace upon those struggling with the effects of trauma they’ve endured.

May 12:  Pray for families of Colombian pastors killed by armed groups or disappeared at their hands. Lord, protect all pastors vulnerable to being kidnapped. Shield them from threat, harassment and danger.

May 13:  Pray for persecuted Christians in many indigenous communities in Colombia. Authorities in these communities close down churches and try to force Christians to convert back to traditional beliefs.

May 14:  Colombia has one of the highest rates of disappearances and killings in the world. Please pray that God would pour out His peace across the nation of Colombia.

May 15:  Please pray for the nation of Syria. Ask God to pour out His peace and bring an end to the violence and unrest. Pray government leaders have wisdom from God to bring an end to the Syrian civil war.

May 16:  Pray for hundreds of thousands of displaced Christians in Syria who have left their homeland amid violence and targeted kidnappings. Pray God brings peace and safety among His people.

May 17: Almighty God, protect Syrian Christians from persecution and violence, and increase their courage and faith in You. We pray the international community has wisdom as it responds to the humanitarian and security crisis which the war has caused in Syria.

May 18:  Please pray there will be no more kidnapping of Christian leaders in Syria.  Dear Lord, guard and protect Your servants and their families from all danger.

May 19:  Pray for Christians in Syria who are targeted by Islamist jihadi groups to convert to Islam, pay a religious levy (jizya) or face death, causing many to flee their ancestral lands.

May 20:  Pray for Syrian Christians, persecuted by militant Islamist jihadi groups since the outbreak of civil war in 2011, with many killed or forced to flee their homes. Those who remain, often the elderly and disabled, are ordered to convert to Islam or pay a religious tax.

May 21:  Please pray for Christians in Syria, living their faith with the knowledge that it may cost them their life. Pray they would keep their eyes fixed on Jesus and be strengthened by Him in all they do.

May 22:  Pray God encourages Christian relief workers ministering to those suffering in Syria. Pray for protection over them and for their needs to be met as they minister in Jesus’ name.

May 23:  Pray God defeats the devil’s plans to wipe out the Christian presence in Syria.  Entire villages are cleared of their Christian inhabitants, and churches and Christian centers damaged or destroyed.

May 24:  Pray the international community provides protection for Syrian Christians against onslaught that is claiming innocent lives and erasing the country's diverse heritage.

May 25:  Almighty God, empower those in Syria taking a courageous stand for truth and justice in Jesus’ name. Protect and strengthen Christians under attack for their faith.

May 26:  Pray international governments use their positions in the UN Security Council to push for an international investigation into genocide against Christians in Syria. Pray for Syrians fleeing the civil war, and for those who remain, seeking refuge.

May 27:   Pray for protection and strength for churches, organizations and individuals working to meet the physical needs of those suffering in Syria. Pray those receiving aid would be touched by the love of Jesus.

May 28:  Pray for lasting peace and religious freedom in Syria.  Pray for strength and resources for churches that are ministering to the suffering in Syria.

May 29:  Ask God to comfort and strengthen Syrian Christians. Pray for protection of the Church in Syria, that it will be a light in the darkness to lead the lost to Christ.

May 30:  Pray for extremists to lose influence in Syria, and that God will protect His people from mass attacks. Pray God opens hearts and minds of Syrian government leaders to know and receive the Truth of Jesus.

May 31:  Pray for peace and healing for the nation of Syria. Lord, in Your power and mercy, break every chain where religious freedom rights are abused.